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What Are Tatra Studio Yoga classes about?

Among other characteristics Tatra Studio Yoga classes are physical exercises that promote physical and mental strength, harmonizes movement and breath, and helps balancing all parts of well-being: body, mind, and spirit.

In general, Vinyasa classes or Trauma informed classes that involve a lot of movement can be more cardio oriented. Hatha, Chair, Partner or Prenatal Yoga classes are more relaxing classes.

What Are Tatra Studio Tai Chi Classes about?

We practice mainly Sun style TC that is characterized by higher stance, agility and emphasis on qigong. It is excellent for relaxation and focus.

The second most used form in the studio is Yang style that involves more inner strength and greater exertion.

Lastly, we practice basic Qigong, the life energy cultivating exercise that is the mother of Tai Chi.

What Should I Bring to a Tai Chi Class and to Yoga Class?

There are no prescribed outfits for Tai Chi; any comfortable and weather appropriate clothes are fine. Shoes should be without major grip, regular sneakers can work well. If practice is held outside, a hat, sunscreen, bug repellent, small snack and water would be recommended.

If we are meeting at your house or you are participating through ZOOM, a blanket or yoga mat would be great to have. The list of props is long, but one can use what feels right for that moment for their body. These are some of the things one can use in a Yoga class: blocks, or a stack of books, a blanket to keep warm, knee pads to keep knees safe, a bolster or larger pillow to relax on. A Strap or belt is not recommended for some classes. 


What Should I Wear?

In Tatra Studio comfort is the priority. Therefore wear your favorite gym clothes, possibly layers so you can take them off or keep them on as you need. Jeans or tight pants are not recommended.


How Long Are Tatra Studio Tai Chi and Yoga Classes?

Tatra Studio’s tai chi and yoga classes can vary in their length between 45 minutes to 90 minutes. Generally, Tai chi classes are shorter than Yoga classes.


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