Private Tai Chi Classes

I offer in person classes outside, or at your home, as well as private and group online classes through the ZOOM platform.

Tai Chi for Diabetes

This flow carries the minimum risk and delivers benefits quickly. It is designed with five levels of physical exertion and one can build up to the higher levels as one gets stronger. TCD is based on a combination of Sun and Yang style Tai Chi and includes two separate parts that can be taught by themselves or together. In the first half one is facing forward and in the second half one turns to the left and right. 

Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 1

This gentle flow is relatively easy to learn and it lubricates joints and helps prevent pain. It includes around 24 forms and it combines Sun style Tai Chi and Qigong. The first half is forward facing flow. The second half goes to the left and mirrors to the right.

Quick Stroking Bird’s Tail

Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 2

This more complex Sun Style Tai Chi flow  includes 18 forms. It can be taught separate or in conjunction to TCA Part 1. This flow includes turning to all four directions and therefore challenges special perception and balance. It is great for an intermediate student. 

Tai Chi for Fall Prevention

It is an easy to learn flow of Sun style Tai Chi that focuses on improving balance and incorporates “step and half step” walking practice.

Qigong for Health or Five Elements Qigong

Qigong for Health

Very gentle and easy five qigong moves that connect one to five elements: earth, wood, fire water, and metal. It is easy for any novice and a person coming back to exercise after a prolonged time.

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What Is Tai Chi?

An ancient art that helps restore and improve balance within ourselves and with our outside world. Tai Chi is derived from the observation of nature and it is sometimes also called moving meditation.

Why Should We Practice Tai Chi?

It is easily adapted and modified so people with different abilities and any physical disabilities can learn it and practice it. As many studies show, Tai Chi improves muscle strength, cardiovascular fitness and flexibility.

What Is Progressive Teaching Method?

It is a method developed by Dr. Paul Lam that teaches stepwise; it breaks down each movement into several smaller steps and then teaching step-by-step, in a logical progression, building slowly upon what has been learned.

That Types of Tai Chi Can We Practice at Tatra Studio?

We practice mainly Sun style TC that is characterized by a higher stance, agility and emphasis on qigong. It is excellent for relaxation and focus. The second most used form in the studio is Yang style that involves more inner strength and greater exertion. Lastly, we practice basic Qigong, the life energy cultivating exercise that is the mother of Tai Chi. 

What Should We Wear and What Should We Bring?

There are no prescribed outfits for Tai Chi; any comfortable and weather appropriate clothes are fine. Shoes should be without major grip, regular sneakers can work well. If practice is held outside, a hat, sunscreen, bug repellent, small snack and water would be recommended.

How Long Are Tai Chi Classes?

Tai Chi class can take between 45 and 60 minutes. It always includes warm ups, practicing and reviewing old and new forms and a cool down. 

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