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“This is your life, and nobody is going to teach you, no book, no guru. You have to learn from yourself, not from books. It is an endless thing, it is a fascinating thing, and when you learn about yourself from yourself, out of that learning wisdom comes.” J. Krishnamurti, renowned spiritual teacher


Hatha Yoga

This body centered practice focuses on strengthening body through willful and active set of poses and breathing techniques. At the same time through breathing and meditative aspects it strengthens participant’s mind. Moreover,  Hatha yoga aims to achieve harmony between our female (Moon) side with the male (Sun) side creating balance between mind, body and spirit.

Chair Yoga

This gentle class is for those who are recovering from illness or have difficulty to stand for extended time. It incorporates seated and standing poses and foucses on improving flexibility and balance.

Partner Yoga

This class is oriented towards working together in pairs. It is great for couples, family, and friends. Besides traditional physical poses, one gets to experience fun team work getting to poses and staying in poses with a partner. In partner yoga class one learns how to flow, support and be connected not just with oneself, but even to your loved ones.

Prenatal Yoga

Gentle Yoga practice with a lot of pose’s modifications for expecting mothers and their partners that teaches to find comfort and strength during the gestation period and first months after delivery.  In this class one learns how to relax and breath and how to feel supported.

Vinyasa Yoga

Using Yogafit prescribed three Mountain- two Valley format this class focuses on more flow and it has stronger cardio aspect than traditional Hatha class. One uses breath as a guide for movement. There are modifications offered to allow our body to stay within its comfort zone.

Trauma Sensitive Yoga

Specifically designed Yoga class for those surviving physical or mental trauma, PTSD sufferers and also those recovering from addiction. We follow recommendations of current mental health field professionals in keeping our students comfortable and relaxed during the class. Blocks, blankets, and bolsters are welcome to use.

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What Is Yoga?

Among other characteristics of yoga is a physical exercise that promotes physical and mental strength, harmonizes movement and breath, and helps balancing all parts of well-being: body, mind, and spirit.

What Type of Yoga Is Best For You?

If you are new to Yoga or you are an experienced Yogini, you can always get something positive from a Yoga class. You can pick a class based on life circumstances or physical or mental health or at the time that suites you best. Tatra studio offers variety of classes for everybody and every body. 

What Should I Bring?

If we are meeting at your house or you are participating through ZOOM, blanket or yoga mat would be great to have. The list of props is long, but one can use what feels right for that moment for their body. These are some of the things one can use in a class, blocks, or a stack of books, a blanket to keep warm, knee pads to keep knees safe, a bolster or larger pillow to relax on. A strap or belt is not recommended for some classes. 

How Hot Is Yoga?

“Hot; yoga is very hot right now!” Joking aside, it all depends on the format of Yoga class you pick and your body’s physical composition. In general, Vinyasa classes or Trauma informed classes that involve a lot of movement can be on the hotter side, Hatha yoga classes or more relaxing classes might require blanket for relaxation.

What Should I Wear?

Preparing for your first class? Let’s say comfort is the priority for you. Therefore wear your favorite gym clothes, possibly layers so you can take them off or keep them on as you need. Jeans or tight pants are not recommended.

How Long Are Yoga Classes?

Tatra Studio’s yoga classes vary in their length between 60 minutes and 90 minutes.

Take Your First Group Class for Free

What can you lose? Try it out. In my personal belief Yoga is meant for every person, if we can let go of comparison, judgement and expectations. Take one pose at a time, one breath at a time.

Love, Laugh, and Yoga

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